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Thank you for your interest in our romantic holiday area on the RIVER MOSELLE.

The river meanders peacefully through a valley surrounded by high and steep vineyards. From the hills on the right and the left of the river you have a wonderful view down on our picturesque village.
Reil is a small village typical of the Moselle with narrow streets, old half-timbered houses, original wine cellars all reminding of high wine culture which is more than a thousand years old. From early spring to late autumn the river promenade with its colourful flowers invites you to stroll along, to use it as a playground for your children, to watch the ships or just to enjoy yourself.

WeinleseYou may take part in wine tasting meetings frequently offered by winegrowers in their private old cellars, in courtyards or nice gardens. Here you can learn a lot about the variety of the wine of the region, about sparkling wine and all the other products made of grapes like wine-jelly, grape juice, liqueurs, grape oil and even brandy. You may also learn about the successful combination of tradition and new technology in the often laborious growing and production of wine.
You may stay in one of Reil's highly recommended hotels, bread & breakfast houses, holiday flats or private rooms where you can discover the hospitality and the open-mindedness of the inhabitants of Reil.You may visit the restaurants, a pizzeria, the wine museum or just enjoy "wine and dine" at the local wine bars.
You may walk along a path where you are taught a lot about wine and its production or a path following the historic railway (www.mosel-erlebnis-route.de). There is a long list of other activities offered to our guests like the opportunity of Nordic Walking, cycling on special tracks along the Moselle, fishing, canoeing, boat trips up or down the Moselle, swimming and relaxing in pools nearby. In Reil people of all ages may find their entertainment.
Moreover Reil is an excellent starting point for discovering the sights in the surrounding area worth seeing like e.g. Trier with its famous Roman buildings or Koblenz where the Moselle meets the Rhine.The train, buses and boats have their stations in our village.
A small supermarket with its own bakery provides you with food and drinks. Canoes and bikes can be hired in our village, too.

MoselweinbahnRailway mountain bridge

 Weinhoheiten Reil 2014 Kathrin und Franziska 230 153 Yearly events such as the small but very popular wine festival, wine tasting days (winegrowers open their cellars) and the famous international motorcycling spectacle offer further entertainment to our guests and are always accompanied by our "Queen, Princess, Pfalzgraf and Devil".
Numerous local associations offer concerts, disco evenings or e.g. fishing competitions. Throughout the year you may enjoy live and dance music in our hotels.
Once a week you may take part in a guided tour of the village or a walk through the vineyards with a lot of information or the visit of a distillery.
 Why do you not spend "The best time of the year" with us in Reil, either to relax or to look for activities, either alone or with the whole family, you will certainly recover.
Some good advice for campers: Reil has a completely new campsite for van owners near the bank of the Moselle.

 Are you curious now?
It is worth coming and visiting our hospitable Reil on the Moselle just between Trier und Koblenz (here the 50th degree of latitude crosses the river)
whether in the idyll of winter, in the awakening spring, in the feeling of summer or in the golden autumn.

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