The legend of the Count Palatine and the devil


The german wine industry is highly regulated. Reil is situated in the "Gebiet" (wine-growing region) of Mosel/Saar/Ruwer in the "Bereich" (sub-region) of Bernkastel on the "Mittelmosel" (middle-Mosel). The "Grosslage" (individual area) of a particular village is called by the name of its best known vineyard, in this case: "vom heissen Stein" ("from the hot stone"). Behind this title or "fantasy name" is local folklore: The saga of "Reiler Wein vom heissen Stein".
The Count of the Pfalz, who had pledged his soul to the Devil to cover large debts, offered all the wines in the world for his release, but the Devil was not easily satisfied and began to stoke up the fires of Hell around Reil while gleefully rubbing his hands in anticipation of the fiery outcome. The heat produced a wine of such surpassing excellence that the Count, in a desperate final entreaty, presented every last drop of the golden liquid to the Devil who drank deeply and proclaimed

"At last a drop from the hot stone"

and - in drunken bliss - totally forgot the debt.